Dust - JP. Zanotti
The Invisible Man

Sometimes abandoned  places are magnificients and full of forgotten stories. Vegetation, dust, silence and dimmed lights are their only companions. It's like film sets but the huge difference is that they are reals and not fake ones. I'm still amazed when I discover such new sceneries and that's I try to share whith my photographs.

As for industrial areas, many architectures belong to the past, not because they are old fashionned or because tastes have changed, but because it would be too expensive to build and to maintain nowadays. These abandoned castles, houses, hospitals, schools, etc. are of great historical and/or architectural interest and many times the only legacies are some "stolen" photographs. Note that some of the spots you'll see here do not exist anymore.


Don't hope that I'll break the rule which is followed by most photographers (in that register of course). I will not share informations about any location in order to ensure that these places will not be looted or devastated by the countless idiots who don't care about the work of their elders. You'll understand what I mean looking at some spots already visited by brainless zombies.

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