About - JP. Zanotti
The Matrix

There is nothing interesting enough about me that justifies more than a few sentences. I started my life in the middle of shafts of coal mines in the north-east of France, just near the German border. Now I live in the south of France where the sky is brighter. Unfortunately, I'm not a huge fan of Provence sunny landscapes, so I waste my time shooting some abandoned stuffs, my friends or people I meet in the streets. Photography is like fishing, it's a good way to escape from reality and to stop time flow. Sometimes I'm back home empty handed, but the trip was worth it.

It seems that a big part of my photography is related to what is now called "UrbEx" (Urban Exploration). I started this activity when I was a kid without any camera, even before Jeff Chapman connected these two words. It was so exciting to visit bowels of the many incredible industrial monsters surrounding me. I began photography to shoot stars and planets almost at the same time, but the mix of these two hobbies came later once I realized the odd beauty of decay.

I have mixed feelings about UrbEx today. Most of the so called "urbexers" are just junk adventurers making awful videos and stupid stories about their believed accomplishments in order to get more virtual friends and/or illusory notoriety on social networks. Many sites are now revealed on the internet and are instantly stripped by looters, devastated by housebreakers and/or degraded by graffiti writers. It's a serious issue for owners and that makes this somewhat innocent hobby more and more difficult and suspicious. Of course when I discover new spots I do some investigations about their historical aspects and I would to share them, but I don't for this reason. Then don't try to ask for locations, I will never answer, internet is a human zoo and I only trust people I know in the material world. Whatever is my kind of photography, I hope you'll enjoy the ride.

PS. Forgive the low quality of some photographs, I started this work with compact cameras struggled with difficult lights. Exploring abandoned places is not without consequences, the most important is  danger. There are serious accidents, especially among young people and not a single month passes that local newspapers not report death due to fall or collapse. So, be careful if you intend to get into this hobby.

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