Rust - JP. Zanotti
Sleeping Monster

Our industrial past vanishes slowly, always out of sight, engulfed by rust and vegetation. You'll find here some odd beauties waiting for the final collapse. Nobody seems to care about them and it's a pity considering the substantial efforts made by artists, architects and craftsmen to design them and build them. Most of the time, there is no voluntarist heritage preservation process by the owners. It is rarely possible to obtain permissions to access these places, and the more the weather degrades them, the more dangerous it is. Very often, the only legacies of these forgotten places are some photographs.

Nowadays, industries do not care about architecture anymore, cost effectiveness is much more important. Simplistic structures, corrugated iron roofs, concrete blocks... everything should be built quickly and has to be dismantled just as fast. This was not the case during the last two centuries and some industrial sites are really stunning. You just have to compare the new ones to the old fashioned ones to realize that. 

A Room With a View

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